We aim to produce superior value for our customers, business partners, employees and for the communities we serve

We are independent international storage and transport company specialising in the storage of crude oil and refined petroleum products, petrochemicals, waxes, biodiesel, base oils, non-hazardous chemicals and minerals. The competence and dedication of the staff are also vital to Gervas’s success. Along with the top quality materials and highly flexible facilities.


We offers much more than service. ‘Creating involvement’ would be a better way of putting it. Gervas is always looking for new and innovative ways to share its logistics solutions and concepts with its clients so they can gain the maximum benefit from our managing their products.


The company culture is characterised by a strong ‘us’ feeling among the staff. This sense of solidarity and personal involvement creates service of the highest level. There is strong mutual trust among the staff and qualities such as taking the initiative and showing responsibility are highly valued within the company. Our business approach has always been to do and develop as much as possible itself. To remain independent, upholding its own high quality standards. Continually innovating, carefully navigating and simply making sure that the destination is reached on time.


The Transport routes converge to marine terminals in Novorossiysk, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok and the black sea in the - the final point of export . Novorossiysk has 9 berths for the loading of vessels with deadweight of 250 thousand tons, Saint Petersburg has 12 berths for the loading of vessels with deadweight of 500 thousand tons, and Vladivostok has 6 berths for the loading of vessels with deadweight of 205 thousand tons.

The qualification and professionalism of our employees is of great important to "Gervas LLC". Every year, in order to develop creativity and determination of the best young specialists we involved them in extra activities and sent them abroad for advance and modern empowerment.


Gervas LLC operates over 142 aboveground petroleum storage tanks accross Russia. These tanks are used to meet customer demand by ensuring that there are enough petroleum liquids available to keep the pipelines in motion. A tank farm is simply a collection of storage tanks located on the same site.


Crude oil and refined products are stored in tanks at pipeline origination points awaiting shipment. Crude oil is then delivered to refinery storage tanks in preparation for processing. Refined products are ultimately delivered to terminal storage tanks and then distributed to the consumer. Some storage tanks are used to gather crude oil from production wells, while other tanks are used to store seasonally refined products that only become available for sale during certain times of the year.




  • Independent provider of tank storage
  • Provider for chemical, mineral and transhipment operations
  • Zero-emission terminal
  • Expansion and growth opportunities
  • Loading of crude oil and petroleum products by sea
  • Transport cargo specialist
  • Railway transport and equipment